LMS Training

Aprima Learning Management System Training

As practices increasingly make EHR decisions over the next three to five years (in order to take advantage of the stimulus funds), training resources from all EHR vendors will be a potential bottleneck. Aprima recognized this in early 2009.

In 2010 we added the Aprima Learning Management System (LMS), an on-line alternative to our on-site training. While we encourage on-site training when appropriate, Aprima’s LMS is a compelling option for the majority of practices.

“The LMS is great! I personally would much rather do training this way than have someone come on site. You can work at your own speed, information is concise and organized, repeat as needed, etc.”

Chad Martin
Practice Manager
Beittel-Becker Pediatric Associates, LLP

LMS provides Aprima’s clients with structured, automated training where users are assigned a series of educational courses, based on their function within the practice. Users must successfully pass tests for each course before progressing to the next course in the series. This educational approach allows users to train at their own pace and at a time convenient to them. These are both advantages when compared to costs associated with bringing a trainer on-site or having to coordinate logistics with a traveling trainer’s chaotic schedule. Additionally, research shows that retention rates are higher with computer-based training than with traditional hosted lectures.

An Aprima “trainer-on-call” is ready to assist when necessary. So, when a concept is unclear or if the workflow presented is not suitable for the uniqueness of a practice, clients can always clarify the problem with an Aprima representative.