Implementation Process

Major Milestones to Monitor Progress

To ensure success, we set several major milestones as part of our implementation process:

1. Project meeting

Your Aprima Project Manager meets with physicians and staff to discuss their goals, review the project plan, answer questions and explain Aprima’s philosophy and approach.

2. Workflow analysis

Your Aprima Project Manager analyzes your workflow, which includes following the patient from initial scheduling through physician encounters and checkout, as well as collecting samples of all patient and office documents. Aprima maps the results in a spreadsheet and confirms their accuracy with your practice. The resulting workflow analysis identifies bottlenecks and duplication in current workflows so that they can be eliminated as part of the implementation.

3. Customization

Your Aprima Project Manager and Implementation Consultant map the final workflow to Aprima’s EHR/PM system. The Implementation Consultant modifies the existing knowledge base or prebuilds specialized content based on the workflow analysis.

We preload a substantial amount of content, leaving some items incomplete so staff can practice adding real content during the training. This approach ensures that your staff will be able to maintain the system after implementation is complete.

4. Implementation planning

With the workflow analysis in hand, the Project Manager and practice decide whether to implement the full Aprima at one time or to employ a phased approach.

5. Training

Aprima and your practice schedule convenient training dates for all staff. Training is usually provided in small groups based on responsibilities: physicians, clinical support, office staff, etc.

6. Ensuring successful EDI

Aprima’s EDI Implementation Team will assist you with EDI enrollment forms and monitor your claim process for 4 to 6 weeks after go-live.

7. Weekly project monitoring

Your Aprima Project Manager continues weekly calls with your practice’s office manager (or other project leader) until the office is comfortable with the Aprima solution and ready to move to regular Aprima Support (usually 4-6 weeks).