Aprima for Practice Administrators


Aprima’s ICD-10 capabilities help both providers and staff manage the new and expanded coding requirements. Starting with an intuitive crosswalk from ICD-9 to ICD-10, to prompts to ensure you define the specificity, Aprima makes the transition smooth and easy. Best of all, there are no extra fees for ICD-10!

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Electronic Data Interchange

Submit claims and receive payment quickly and conveniently with a system that significantly reduces accounts-receivable time requirements. Aprima’s HIPAA-compliant EDI tool interfaces with the messaging capabilities to help you track and resolve issues as they arise for fast claims resolution.


Connect with commonly used third-party software as well as clearinghouses, document scanning devices, laboratories and clinical equipment to streamline tasks. Aprima uses the latest technology and HL7 standards to provide access to a wide range of systems and equipment.

Credit Card Processing

Save time and reduce errors with automatic posting of all major credit/debit card payments to your patient ledger. Aprima partners with Easy Pay to help you process payments and automatically post approved transactions to your patient ledger.

Messaging and Workflow

With the Aprima task management system, you will automatically route, track and document much of your practice’s routine workflow. Authorizations and prescription refills become dramatically easier and faster with our messaging system.


Aprima’s built-in reports are customizable and provide immediate access to information on HIPAA compliance, billing and productivity, clinical orders, medication management and other critical data.

Additional Features

Authorizations and Case Management

Manage authorizations and cases simply and easily with a solution that encompasses multiple authorizations and procedures and provides a comprehensive history. The Aprima authorizations and case management tool integrates with the task management capability for total functionality.

Tracking treatment, referrals and prior procedures and tests are consolidated in the Aprima tool that links messaging and task management features and provides access to all relevant data. Find out more about how Aprima can simplify authorizations and case management.

Electronic Remittances

With Aprima, electronic remittance advice (ERA) responses are processed automatically. An update to your A/R module is posted. And the information is applied to patients’ accounts and superbills, improving accuracy and office staff productivity.

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Card Scanners for Data Entry

Collect vital patient and payer information quickly and easily. Aprima streamlines data entry with an optical character recognition tool that allows you to scan driver licenses and insurance cards and collect usable data as well as images.

Without an optical character recognition tool, staff generally have to copy driver licenses and insurance cards and then manually enter the same data into patient records. Aprima’s card scanner tool eliminates this costly, time-consuming step by pulling information from the scanned images into the system as usable data. Find out more about how Aprima can help you save time and money.

Patient Statements

Automate patient communications with a solution that provides fast, cost-effective billing and patient correspondence capabilities. Aprima partners with E-Tactics to offer a web-enabled solution that significantly increases patient payments and helps build positive relationships.

Patient statements and other communications are an important way to obtain needed information, collect revenue and build good will. Aprima makes it easier to reach out to patients with a web-based solution from ETACTICS, which integrates seamlessly with our PM solution. Learn how Aprima can help you manage patient billing and correspondence quickly and economically.

Reminder Service

Patient appointment reminder/confirmation services can be integrated into Aprima so that you don’t have to manage multiple databases and calendars.

Making sure patients arrive for scheduled appointments can be time-consuming, but it’s important to send reminders since no-shows waste staff resources. Learn more about how Aprima’s reminder service, provided through CallPointe, can help you make sure patients show up as scheduled while freeing staff to take on other administrative and patient care tasks.


Manage multiple accounts and simplify collection of vital patient data with a secure solution that allows patients to enter their own information from home or an office kiosk. Aprima then imports the data directly into a patient chart with color coding to speed verification during the visit.

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Document Generation

Handle documents with a solution that streamlines management and enables rapid creation of summaries. Aprima makes documents accessible, facilitating easy access from the desktop or database and allows documents to be linked to files without duplication.

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Streamline check-out with Aprima’s superbills, which are automatically generated at the end of patient visits. As the visit concludes, doctors receive recommended E&M coding summary, diagnosis and procedure information. Upon approval, a superbill is created and routed to patient check-out.

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Patient Portal

Ensure accurate patient information with a secure portal that allows patients to pre-enter information from home or an office kiosk. Aprima’s solution saves staff time and improves accuracy by allowing patients to enter information and make address changes themselves.

Empowering patients to make scheduling requests, complete questionnaires online and enter their own demographic information securely makes their check-in process easier and saves staff time. Learn more about Aprima’s secure patient portal, which enables pre-population of clinical charts, allows patients to send messages to the front desk, shows available appointment times and groups family member data for easier tracking.


View to-do lists and reminders. Assign and track tasks. Check lab results. Aprima’s customizable dashboard improves everyone’s workflow.

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