Aprima for Physicians


Improve your efficiency with Aprima, not just your recordkeeping. Aprima was designed to help doctors gain more control over their time and their practice. We continuously innovate to meet changing needs, compliance regulations and emerging technology for greater efficiency, so you get access to the latest solutions.

Listening to Physicians

Aprima’s technology leadership has come about primarily because we listen to physicians and their staffs. They actively participate in helping us design workflow and tools that meet the needs of medical practices. Through our bi-monthly physician advisory panel meetings. we learn what works, what needs work and what should be on the road map for the future.

Speech Recognition/

Create patient notes and ensure seamless interaction with a solution that doesn’t require a change in the way you practice medicine. Aprima provides and supports a variety of speech recognition, transcription and dictation methods to streamline the patient note creation process.

Health Maintenance

Help ensure patients comply with medical advice and best practices via automated alerts. Get better outcomes and increase practice revenue with an easy-to-use solution that alerts you to diagnosis and payer information as well as overdue tests or procedures.


Use Aprima’s handwriting feature on a tablet PC to write new prescriptions or quickly write refills electronically. It’s liberating. And legible. Download a patient’s medication history from the pharmacy to learn if any prescriptions you’re considering may conflict with any the patient already takes.

Adaptive Learning

Aprima learns how you practice and adapts to you, resulting in easier adoption and deployment. For example, commonly selected items bubble to the top of lists.

Additional Features


Rely on Aprima’s secure system and get help fast with the touch of a single button when a problem arises. Aprima features offsite back-up and redundant systems to ensure that your data is safe and accessible.

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Enter Data Your Way

Physicians in the same practice likely follow similar clinical protocols when they treat a condition. Similar. Not same. With template-based EHRs, a practice is forced to choose one physician’s protocol; the other physicians must conform. In contrast, Aprima respects each physician’s unique preferences. The typical learning curve spans 2-3 months. With other EHRs it’s 18-24 months.

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With Aprima, a practice can capture the necessary data to qualify for this additional CMS reimbursement without any extra work. The points accumulated during the exam are even displayed on the screen so providers can see the progress.

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Flexible Software Solutions

Define the way you want to use Aprima and access our software securely via a browser on an Aprima-hosted server. Aprima maintains your customized version, which works the way you do and learns your approach over time.

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Patient Portal and Kiosk

Our secure patient portal allows patients to enter their own data, view medication history, or set appointments on the Internet or at a kiosk in your office. Your satisfaction scores will rise.

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Patient Centered Medical Home

Achieve NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) status with Aprima, which helps document medical home standards related to patient access, communication, clinical information organization, self-management support, identification of diseases and conditions and tracking of test results.

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Flexible EHR Implementation

Some physicians in a practice are ready to go entirely electronic. Others are comfortable with their existing workflows. Unlike most EHR/PM systems that take an all-or-none approach to product adoption, Aprima recognizes these differences. Each doctor chooses the capabilities he or she needs. And Aprima’s pricing reflects that flexibility.

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Interfaces: Lab Orders / Results

Go paperless by ordering lab tests with major organizations like LabCorp automatically through Aprima, streamlining the test ordering and recordkeeping processes. Receive results electronically that automatically populate EHRs so you can more easily manage treatment and ensure compliance.

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Interfaces: Devices

Use your existing tools more efficiently, including practice management software, PACs, EDI and lab, radiology and hospital interfaces. The Aprima solution links with major medical devices and software, which allows you to incorporate results and information accurately and instantly.

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Chief Complaint / Symptom Driven

Very often, a patient’s chief complaint isn’t the only one. Unlike EHRs that replicate paper-based paradigms, we reimagined what technology could do for physicians. Thus, Aprima lets you chart multiple complaints in the same record. Moreover, Aprima’s categories can be customized by practice, care team or provider.

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Image and Document Management

Manage documents, images and even video easily with Aprima. You can copy documents into the database, link files of all sizes or attach them to patient charts. Aprima makes it possible to quickly sort, search and summarize documents and images.

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Drug Database

Prescribe with confidence by accessing a drug database that puts drug interactions, formularies and standard dosing information at your fingertips. Quickly review possible interactions with existing medications as well as drug information related to pregnancy and age.

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Tablet PCs and Pens

Increase face-to-face time with patients with an EHR solution designed for tablet PCs, not just tablet PC-adaptable from a Windows platform. Using a tablet PC allows you to maintain patient interaction while handwriting notes or entering data digitally.

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Accessible Clinical Information

Access clinical information instantly, including health maintenance guidelines, patient education materials, a drug interaction database and other clinical reference data. Set your preferred view of instantly accessible clinical information by physician, group or location for maximum efficiency.

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Patient Education Advisors

Customize Aprima’s built-in patient education material and load in your own patient education information—including anatomical drawings and printed documents—to increase compliance and enable patients to better manage their conditions.

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Communicate instantly, securely and professionally with staff by using an internal messaging and task management function that allows you to prioritize and track orders. Aprima also facilitates communication with patients through secure email that meets HIPAA standards.

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E&M Coding

Improve accuracy, increase reimbursement and eliminate manual charge entry time by using a solution with an automatic coding feature. Aprima presents an E&M coding summary after each visit so you can accept or change the recommendation and create a bill.

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Fastest Note Documentation

EHRs use pick lists set up with patients’ typical responses to exam questions. With Aprima, if the answer isn’t there, you add it on the fly. You can reuse it with any other patient. With other systems, call IT.

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Single Application and Database

Simplify EHR and practice management (PM) interfaces by using a single solution, application and database. This allows you to move between functions without opening separate systems and implement EHR and PM features at your own pace.

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See your day summarized with a customizable dashboard that allows you to display to-do lists and easily access reminders, items to track and more. Aprima’s dashboard feature allows each user to set the dashboard up according to individual preferences.

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Clinician-friendly Vocabulary

Speed coding and enhance billing accuracy with Intelligent Medical Objects’ (IMO®) Problem [IT]™ terminology that seamlessly maps diagnostic terminologies to medical billing codes and medical concepts.

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