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"It’s very hard to track referrals and labs without an appropriate electronic system. Aprima makes it easy."

Aprima is Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified

We’re committed to successfully bringing every physician and clinician through the transition from a paper-based environment to one where technology improves everyone’s experience, not drives everyone mad.

Are you getting paid what you earned?

Across all specialties, AprimaRCM customers experience on average 13 Days in A/R less than MGMA industry averages. You may be losing thousands of dollars monthly in denied claims, underpayments, and inaccurate coding. Contact us today to learn more!


Is your practice ready for electronic health records (EHR)? Ready to take advantage of federal incentives while you can still earn the maximum? See why thousands of practices choose Aprima EHR, practice management (PM), and revenue cycle management (RCM).

Choosing the right EHR shouldn't be a gamble.

You always win with Aprima.

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With Aprima you get a fully integrated EHR /Practice Management Solution, as well as complete Revenue Cycle Management services. Our no-template, chief complaint driven system adapts to your style and habits.  

Join the thousands of physicians who are already winning with Aprima, and you'll benefit from:

Improved Quality of Care

  • Health Maintenance tracking provides timely follow up
  • Electronic Orders and Results help ensure nothing is missed
  • eRx and Drug Interaction help avoid negative interactions

Improved Patient Satisfaction

  • Tools such as data trending improve patient understanding and satisfaction
  • Better access to chart data and test results help improve communication

Improved Quality of Life

  • Improved workflow and efficiency reduce daily stress
  • More efficient charting creates more time for patients and family

Improved Bottom Line

  • More accurate coding, reduced rejections, and better billing and collections lead to higher reimbursements
  • Reduced expenses generate higher net profits